Check URL syntax and write HREF tag

Check URL syntax and write HREF tag

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Here's a simple Vb function you can use on active server pages to ensure a string is a fully formed URL and automatically write it into a HREF tag. Great for user input stored in a database. People always forget to add the "http://". It needs improving I know!

Call like this: GetWebsiteFromURL("")
Returns this:

Function GetWebsiteFromURL(strURL)
    If Left(strURL, 11) = "http://www." Or Left(strURL, 7) = "http://" Then 'assume OK
        GetWebsiteFromURL = "<a href=""" & strURL & """ target=_blank>" & strURL & "</a>"
    ElseIf Left(strURL, 4) = "www." Then
        GetWebsiteFromURL = "<a href=""" & "http://" & strURL & """ target=_blank>" & strURL & "</a>"
    ElseIf strURL = "" Then
    End If
End Function

cut and paste the Visual Basic code below onto an Active Server Page
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