George Harrison

George Harrison, often referred to as "the quiet Beatle," was a legendary musician, singer, and songwriter best known for his role as the lead guitarist of the Beatles.


With his distinctive guitar playing and introspective songwriting style, Harrison made significant contributions to the band's groundbreaking sound, penning classic hits such as "Something" and "Here Comes the Sun." Beyond his work with the Beatles, Harrison enjoyed a successful solo career, exploring themes of spirituality and social consciousness in albums like "All Things Must Pass" and "Living in the Material World."


His influence extended far beyond music, with his philanthropic efforts and advocacy for humanitarian causes leaving a lasting legacy.

George Harrison the Beatles lead guitarist, was an underrated player. He rarely soloed, as in full-blown soloing, on the Beatles songs. His contribution was mostly strategic adlibs that perfectly punctuated what was arguably the greatest music of the 20th Century. He was no Eric Clapton but was always perfectly weighted. His very unobtrusiveness demonstrates a virtue all guitarists should espouse. A soloist who contributed to the band's sound, not try to overwhelm the band.

Songs: All the Beatles, Here comes the sun

Gear: Rickenbacker Guitar   Vox amplifier   

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