Greg Allman

Greg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band knew how to fill a bar perfectly. Played one of the top 3 great guitar instrumentals "Jessica". I really like his rhythm work too, hammering on a barred minor 7 chord was the archetypal LA soft rock and funk sound.


Gregg Allman was a pioneering figure in the Southern rock movement as the co-founder, vocalist, and keyboardist of the Allman Brothers


With his soulful voice and impassioned songwriting, Allman played a central role in shaping the band's signature sound, blending elements of blues, rock, and jazz into their iconic repertoire.


Hits like "Midnight Rider" and "Whipping Post" showcased Allman's evocative storytelling and powerful vocal delivery, earning the band widespread acclaim and a devoted following. Allman's enduring influence on American music continues to be celebrated, cementing his status as a true rock and roll legend.

Songs: Jessica, Midnight Rider, Whipping Post

Gear: Gibson Les Paul   

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