Paul Kossoff

Paul Kossoff was the lead guitarist for the British rock band Free. Known for his soulful playing style and emotive guitar solos, Kossoff was regarded as one of the finest guitarists of his generation.

As a guitarist you should ask yourself

Do I learn the solo on the single version or the extended version on the album?

The correct answer is both!

How Good is Paul Kossoff?

He was ranked number 51 in Rolling Stone's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time". I'd rate him higher than that! He taught me everything I needed to know about vibrato. His chord voicings and use of sus chords were very sophisticated for a rock player.

Hits like "All Right Now" and "Wishing Well" showcase his melodic sensibility and expressive phrasing, earning him widespread acclaim and recognition.


He died at 25 of a drug overdose whilst on an aeroplane.

Despite his tragically short life, Kossoff's influence on rock music is enduring, with his distinctive guitar work continuing to inspire musicians around the world.

Bands Black Cat Bones, Free

Songs: Alright Now, The Hunter, My Brother Jake

Gear: Gibson Les Paul   Marshall Amplifier   

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