Gibson Firebird

The Gibson Firebird is a classic electric guitar revered for its distinctive reverse body design and bright, articulate tone. Constructed with a mahogany body and neck-through construction, the Firebird offers excellent sustain and resonance, while its mini-humbucking pickups deliver clear, chiming tones with a touch of vintage character.

Main Features Reverse body design, mahogany body, neck-through construction, mini-humbucking pickups.

Options The Gibson Firebird comes in various models and configurations, including the Firebird V, Firebird VII, and Firebird Studio, with options for different finishes, hardware, and pickup combinations.

Famous Guitarists Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, and Brian Jones are among the renowned guitarists who have used the Gibson Firebird to create iconic music. There is now a Jeff "Skunk" Baxter signature Firebird model, though he wasn't known for playing one any more than other guitars.

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