Gibson Les Paul

The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most iconic electric guitars in history, celebrated for its powerful sound, sustain, and luxurious design but it has to be said – the older models are like hanging an engine block around your neck. Not the sort of thing you want to do for any length of time but, fortunately Gibson have managed to slim them down. But who cares if they are not for wimps, they sound great!

With a solid mahogany body, maple top, and dual humbucking pickups, the Les Paul delivers rich, fat tones and unparalleled playability. It's available in a wide range of finishes and configurations, from classic bursts to modern colors and features.

Options The Les Paul line includes numerous models catering to various player preferences, including Standard, Custom, and Special editions, each with its own unique specifications and aesthetics.

Famous Guitarists Jimmy Page, Slash, Benny Sutton, and Gary Moore are just a few of the many legendary guitarists who have wielded the Gibson Les Paul to create timeless music.

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