Gibson SG

The Gibson SG is a timeless electric guitar renowned for its sleek design, smooth playability, and powerful tone. With a double-cutaway mahogany body, slim taper neck profile, and dual humbucking pickups, the SG offers excellent upper fret access and versatile sound suitable for a wide range of musical styles. Its lightweight construction and comfortable ergonomics make it a favorite among gigging musicians and recording artists alike.

Main Features Double-cutaway mahogany body, slim taper neck profile, dual humbucking pickups, lightweight design.

Options The Gibson SG comes in various models, including the SG Standard, SG Special, and SG Custom, with options for different finishes, hardware, and electronics to accommodate player preferences.

Famous Guitarists Angus Young of AC/DC, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, and Derek Trucks are just a few of the legendary guitarists who have embraced the Gibson SG as their instrument of choice.

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