The Rule of 7

Fit So Tight (2021 remix) by Benny Sutton
Fit So Tight (2021 remix) by Benny Sutton

When visitors interact with your brand 7 times, they are much more likely to evangelise you, buy from you, or increase your brand awareness by telling their friends about you.

You need to be relentless, blinkered, narrowly focused and indefatigable. Every famous artist has a story about the time they were going to give up.

Elvis was once told by the concert hall manager at the Grand Ole Opry in no uncertain terms

You ain’t going nowhere, son. You ought to go back to driving a truck.

Dick Rowe is the record executive famous as ‘The Man Who Turned Down The Beatles’. It’s fair to say the rejection didn’t hold them back. Rejection is something you must learn to live with.

Persistence is a virtue every musician needs but equally, all good boxers know when to retire. See Law 11


Keep plugging away!

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