The Rules of SoundCloud Etiquette

SoundCloud is a sophisticated audience, and some behavior is decidedly bad form. Observe the unwritten rules of SoundCloud etiquette.

  1. Comment positively – or don’t comment at all
  2. Don’t overtly ask for follows in comments or PM’s
  3. Don’t ask for money if someone asks you to collab. Go to SoundBetter if you’re a Breadhead
  4. Always give credit where credit is due. Link back to the channels of people who play on your collabs
  5. If you ask someone to play on your track and you don’t like what they play you don’t have to use it – just be tactful when rejecting their efforts.
  6. If you get asked to play on someone else’s track and they don’t use it, don’t be offended.
  7. Don’t clickbait your titles
  8. Everyone has a veto if either party in a collab doesn’t like the result it doesn’t get published

Protocol is to put a comment at the start of a collab track acknowledging collaborators. Point out solos or anything else noteworthy throughout the track with a comment. Say ‘thanks for listening’ at the end.

Don't do this on Soundcloud

Infographic - SoundCloud company profile