The Cool

The Cool aren’t just the hottest nu Funk band on the block they are the hottest band on the planet.

Forget Vulfpeck, Durand Bernarr, Free Nationals, PJ Morton, Gramatik; the Cool are next level - playing Gen Z Funk for millennials. Nu Phunk, Über phonk, skunk funk for charged Gen Aplha.

They’re keepin’ it real with urban gush muthafuckas.

They be from Cincinatti, South Africa, Jamaica, Cotton Edmonds and Vlarg. Slipping in and out of alt real, scraping old school funk vibes.

A couple are nepo babies carrying on ancestral tradition for the groove. Jaylan Kinderknecht is the grandson of Jimi Hendrix traced through three generations of super groupies. From Kate Hudson to Penny Lane Elektra has impeccable lineage to Rock Royalty with Noel Gallagher - or was it Liam?

Band members

  1. Jaylan Kinderknecht
  2. Johann Redfearn
  3. Mtume Artur
  4. Iggy Rijos
  5. Benny Sutton
  6. Julian Serre
  7. Ringo Pospishil
  8. Miles Van Der Keuren
  9. Corey Slark
  10. Dizzy Escobar
  11. Elektra
  12. Courtney Riviera
  13. Stefani Germanotta
  14. Ahmir-Khalib Thompson
  15. Colson Baker
  16. Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini
  17. Laurie Adkins
  18. Abel-Tesfaye-and-Onika-Maraj
  19. Abel Tesfaye
  20. Marshall Mathers
  21. Shawn Corey Carter
  22. Curtis James Jackson III
  23. Alecia Moore
  24. Eilleen Regina Edwards
  25. Timothy Zachery Mosley
  26. Trevor Taheim Smith, Jr.
  27. Dana Elaine Owens
  28. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant
  29. Tim Bergling
  30. Tracy Marrow
  31. Andre Romelle Young

For the Calendar

A new artwork by Cynthia Albritton will be unveiled next week to celebrate The Cool’s heritage amongst Funk’s elite.

The Cool will be on World Tour from September starting in Europe and moving to the Far East before returning to the US. See Ticketmaster for more details.

In the meantime, rub off that skank face, the Cool is coming to a device near you!

Gear: Fender amplifier   Fender Stratocaster   Gibson ES-339   

Check out the video too...