Social Media is Dead for Musicians

It all started out so well.

You could get your music out there and get a reaction. You didn't need a record deal. There was a level playing field.

Not any more!

Where did it all go wrong?

Music is still important to YouTube, there is a category on the app, but compared to all the 'how to' and lifestyle videos the audience is tiny. Just look compare the number of plays.

The problem of getting noticed is compounded by the amount of noise out there. Too much supply, not enough demand.

Consequently, when you post a track on any major platform chances are it won't go viral - in fact it is almost guaranteed to do nothing. By nothing I mean less than 10 plays - and 5 of them is your mother!

We've reached the tipping point where there is too much content. This problem does not just afflict music. There are 20 million blogs for a worldwide population of 5 billion. Yes, we all have 4 blogs (we don't read!).

Established content hogs the bandwidth, all platforms are shit scared of new music because of the risk of copyright litigation.


Too much content for the potential audience size. We'd all have to listen for 100 lifetimes to hear one days uploaded content.

Music is particularly undervalued on this platform. They want it, they're greedy, but they see it as part of the long tail.


I've already written how I got a million plays on this platform and I'm not happy.

I would not like to start from scratch. Trouble is there are so many charlatans telling you (on millions of largely unread web pages) that you can succeed - including me, though I am more candid than most.

I have a following of 1500 on Soundcloud, yet my average track posted gets ten or twenty plays.

The real culprit - algorithms

All platforms reinforce your biases. They will serve up stuff that is like stuff you've already listened to you.

The day that they say 'hey dude, here's something new that you should try, you may like it' will never happen.

Until then... Fuck you up your AI ass!


Don't bother. The competition is all better than you and they are getting nowhere too.

There comes a point when you have to admit it ain't happening and get a real job. I did just that and I don't regret it click here