Musicians, what are the Odds of success?

I found some very sobering statistics in a piece I found somewhere (sorry, I lost the source link, let me know and I will credit you).

These stats are a bit long winded so please let me summarise.

The sobering fact is that, if you are not a pro musician (as in making a living from music) you never will be.

The music industry doesn't work for musicians - just for those who control distribution. It was always thus, but digitization, which should have been a good thing, forced a tipping point for the robber baron music industry establishment to finally grab absolute power. We got dictatorship, not democratization!

why musicians are doomed to fail - the full info

Intellectual Property Office published last week, which showed that the top 1% of artists account for 80% of all streams, and that 10% account for 98% of all listening by fans.

And of the most popular tracks, big music companies own the rights to three times as many among the top 10% as those owned by independent labels. In any given week, nine of the top 10 selling songs globally – the streaming cash cows – are owned by one of the three big music companies.