Where are my YouTube Royalties?

Why are you not getting paid royalties by YouTube when you have loads of views?

Are you due Royalties from YouTube?

Why do they pay you/what do they supposed to pay you for? How do you collect it?

YouTube can potentially owe you money for two different things

1) Videos with adverts on - nothing to do with copyright

2) Performing rights on audio (if you are the author) Digital Performance rights if it is a cover

Should they also pay you a video royalty? I don't know but probably, as that is your copyright too! Content ID will identify if someone else has a claim on the footage so it must be worth something to somebody. I'm only concerned with the audio for now so, if you know the position on video, please let me know.

I'd say having ads on your music video is a bad idea. It will hold you back as many people just click off when they see an advert.

Unfair Restrictions

YouTube is Sneaky.

For vids you need 1000 followers to monetize - though they will display ads on some of your popular videos anyway - what a scam!

Regarding Youtube, whilst there doesn't appear to be an exact figure, royalties are generally able to be paid from approximately 20,000 views, but this is dependent on the territory in which the views are coming in, the period of time (for example, if 20,000 is reached over 2 years as opposed to 20,000 during a quarter/summer period).

Who Distributes Royalties?

Performing rights societies such as PRS should collect but you need to notify them.

For ads, Adsense should be set up to pay you direct.