DO you hate the New Rolling Stones Album

Who doesn't love the Stones?

I so wanted to like their new album but, when I heard it, sorry, it just sounds like a bad Rolling Stones tribute band.

Take the new track "Angry". Please take it. More like mildly annoyed old grandad than angry! There was no 'bite', no edginess that was the Stones hallmark.

OK there was a really hot chick doing suggestive things over a car driving through LA in the video. Who doesn't like that?

Otherwise, musically, it is just a pastiche of the Rolling Stones.

I expected the clichéd guitar riffs, the embarrassing pouting from Mick, but where was the quality of Tumbling Dice, Paint it Black? The wow factor of a new Stones track that made you go 'Yesssss!'

Regular readers of this blog will know I am against dinosaur OAP's making comebacks. It sucks the air out of an ever declining market for all the new acts who should be taking their turn in the limelight.

It didn't work for Abba, it won't for the Stones. I don't see Stones tribute bands adding this to their sets.

The new material probably won't tarnish them but I have to ask, why did they do it. They must know it doesn't have the impact we expect?

Surely they don't need the money?

Every boxer knows when to quit and their moment was decades ago. Wouldn't it be better to leave the legend intact?