Rick Beato music trends

Rick Beato, every musician's brother from another mother, has done some analysis in his latest YouTube post

about trends in music.

I've watched it so you don't have to. Rick usually gets to the point but YouTubers are notorious for making overlong videos (view time is so important to the algorithm, and the YouTuber's pocket!).

So, I'll get to the point with a synopsis of Rick's conclusions...

Top Genres

  1. Hip Hop 27%
  2. Pop 27%
  3. Country 20%
  4. Rock 18%
  5. R&B 9%
  6. Latin 6%
  7. Dance 3%

What's up, What's down


The interesting observations Beato makes is the trend in musical genres over time.

Hip Hop is the biggest loser and Rick concludes people are just bored with it. I agree, there's only so many monotone nursery rhymes made by angry young men you can listen to!

As Rick points out, something has got to replace it and, apparently, Rock and Country are up!

Other takeaways...

  1. Instrument prevalence - guitars are up, keyboards down
  2. Tempo range - songs are getting slower. Under 78 bpm are up, over 100bpm down
  3. song length - down from 5 minutes in the 90's to 2 minutes

More in depth conclusions below...

Check out the video too...