The Top 4 YouTube creator myths

Can't get more than 100 views when you post a music video?

There are some myths being perpetuated out there that simply are not true…

YouTube Creator Myths Listed

Here is a partial list of YouTube creator myths.

There are many more but these seem the most pervasive...

  1. Video quality matters
  2. No intros - open with a chorus
  3. Keep it short
  4. Spend money advertising

Myth #1

icon-monitor.png Does video quality matter? NO! My most popular video is crap!

But it is a compelling track. With a great concept

What if Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis played together.

There's an interesting back story and that is told textually as the track plays.

Myth #2

You should go straight into the 'good stuff'

icon-check.png The track starts with a Jimi Hendrix talking guitar for 30 seconds. Why don't people click off then? So called experts say this is the opposite of what you should do! It works because it is the perfect intro. You want to hear how it resolves.

Then, once the track proper starts it is a great groove. One that Jimi fans won't know, so they want to decide if they dig it. Miles fans might recognise the track, and they want to see where it's going too.

Miles Davis fans have to wait until 2.36 for the trumpet to come in.

Myth #3 Keep it short?

icon-clock.png The track is 11 minutes long and that gives a clue why the algorithm loves it. Watch time, that's what talking heads videos have that music videos don't have.

Myth #4

icon-money.png Spend money on promotion. I didn't spend a dime!

Google Adsense will happily accept your money and will deliver views. However, anyone who knows YouTube will know a video with 100,000 views but a dozen likes, no comments on a channel with 10 subscribers is crap.


Ignore the myths. In the next part of this series I delve in depth into what I think actually does work.

Check out the video too...