Can UK musicians still tour the EU in 2024

WIll Brexit restrictions limit access for UK musicians to tour the UK in 2022?


Government response

I watched the debate in the House of Commons on Visa free access for UK musicians working in the EU. Dimwit minister (aren't they all) Caroline Dineage indulged in what aboutism blaming the EU and even Labour for voting for the last minute Tory deal! We may come last in Eurovision but we have the greatest musicians - I can't think of any EU stars (OK Christine and the Queens are pretty good).

Yes, the UK is 1% world population but creates 10% of the world's music - which is worth £2 billion annually. Now, Ed Sheeran, Adele, the Stones won't be able to even freight their guitars and amps over there.

Oh dear, the fishermen got stiffed, then the farmers - sector by sector the UK economy is unravelling.