ABBA Comeback Sucks!

Haven't new artists got enough competition to deal with without having to compete against a bunch of old has-beens too?

The news that they are releasing a new album is a kick in the nuts to every new musician. Don't ABBA have enough money already?

Their lyrics always were mindless pap what can they possibly have to say that is new? Nothing.

ABBA retire

They and all the other one hit wonders from the last five decades crawl back under their rock and die!

They have had their turn - let some new talent flourish

I hear they are even using motion capture because they're ugly old pensioner bodies would look ridiculous on a music video.

We have recently seen holograms of iconic dead musicians touring like live shows but without any soul whatsoever.

So, ABBA are going to embrace technology to create avatars that will perpetuate the income streams forever.

We musicians say NO, NO, NO!

ABBA girls hang up your cat suits put on your incontinence pants!