Don't cheat on Soundcloud

Real fans showing a real interest is always the goal when promoting your music online.

You might get tempted to take some shortcuts and buy plays from the numerous people offering such services, but is it a good idea and will it work?

I ran the #1 website for underwater photography for eighteen years, from 1996 to when I sold it in 2014. I therefore have some insight from the other angle as to what is acceptable.

I ran a photo contest all that time and fought a running battle with photographers who wanted to spam the votes. They would defeat cookies that allowed them only one vote per day. They would defeat tracking by IP addresses. Other, honest members would become incensed at the injustice and fill the forums.

Every time someone with a rubbish picture suddenly got 10x the usual vote my inbox filled up with complaints. They threatened to desert the site if nothing was done about it. Now you can see why FIRGYS (Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation, Google, YouTube and Soundcloud) take spam seriously.

You have to some something about spam likes to ensure the credibility of your site. That doesn’t just apply to me but Soundcloud and YouTube too.

One hack I never shut down was people who got their dive clubs or work colleagues to vote for them. Why didn't I mind? Because these were real people who were now visitors. I tell you this only to illustrate how sometimes counter intuitive actions are acceptable.

Remember, always follow the SoundCloud Rules when you interact with others

Ten years later and FIRGYS (Facebook Instagram Reddit Google YouTube Soundcloud) have the tools to spot inorganic growth immediately. Technology has improved now to spot cheaters and all social media sites will mark you down and eventually blacklist you. If Soundcloud gets abnormal volumes of plays or follows from the same IP address it will warn you and stop you using the site for a day.


Cheating… don’t do it. It will take you longer to get established. When you get caught, and you will, you will regret it.