This album is about the groove, about chasing it, and sometimes catching it!

I was aiming for the vibe first and foremost. It's unapologetically feet tapping, sending brain worms to fire the feel-good synapses. It's mainly a keyboard album - not much guitar this time - but when it's there it's me at my best!

  1. Here, There and Everywhere by Benny Sutton    Here, There and Everywhere by Be... by
  2. Hot Gossip by Benny Sutton    Hot Gossip by Benny Sutton by
  3. Tribute to George Duke by Benny Sutton    Tribute to George Duke by Benny ... by
  4. Absent Friends by Benny Sutton    Absent Friends by Benny Sutton by
  5. Miles Higher by Benny Sutton    Miles Higher by Benny Sutton by
  6. Naima by Benny Sutton    Naima by Benny Sutton by
  7. Smiley Face by Benny Sutton    Smiley Face by Benny Sutton by
  8. Caribbean by Benny Sutton    Caribbean by Benny Sutton by