Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler British guitarist and vocalist who perfected the "Pub Rock" sound and took it mainstream. He emerged from the smoky pubs of Newcastle to become one of the most distinctive voices in rock. Born on August 12, 1949, in Glasgow, Scotland, he spent his formative years honing his craft in the British music scene.


Knopfler's journey to stardom began in the late 1970s when he co-founded the iconic rock band Dire Straits. With their self-titled debut album released in 1978, the band catapulted to international fame, thanks to Knopfler's signature finger-picking guitar style and soulful vocals. Hits like "Sultans of Swing" and "Romeo and Juliet" quickly cemented their status as rock legends.

Throughout the 1980s, Dire Straits continued their reign with albums like "Communiqué" (1979), "Making Movies" (1980), and "Brothers in Arms" (1985), the latter yielding the timeless anthem "Money for Nothing." The band's success earned Knopfler critical acclaim and a loyal fan base, making him a household name worldwide.

Solo Career

In addition to his work with Dire Straits, Knopfler embarked on a prolific solo career in the 1990s. His debut solo album, "Golden Heart" (1996), showcased his versatility as a songwriter, blending elements of folk, blues, and Celtic music. Subsequent albums like "Sailing to Philadelphia" (2000) and "The Ragpicker's Dream" (2002) further solidified his reputation as a master storyteller.

Knopfler's discography boasts a rich tapestry of musical collaborations and side projects. His work with artists like Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, and Emmylou Harris reflects his eclectic taste and boundless creativity. Notably, his collaboration with Harris on the album "All the Roadrunning" (2006) produced gems like "This Is Us" and "Beyond My Wildest Dreams."

Beyond the stage and studio, Knopfler is known for his laid-back demeanor and dry wit. His reluctance to embrace the trappings of celebrity has endeared him to fans and peers alike. As he once quipped,

I've never been interested in being fashionable. Music is not fashion, it's about timelessness.

In his personal life, Knopfler is a devoted family man and a passionate advocate for causes like music education and environmental conservation. Despite his success, he remains refreshingly down-to-earth, a true testament to his enduring appeal.


In summary, Mark Knopfler's remarkable career spans decades and genres, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music. From the gritty pubs of Newcastle to sold-out arenas around the globe, his music continues to resonate with audiences of all ages. As he once sang, "I want my MTV," and indeed, he got it, and much more.

Gear: Fender Stratocaster   

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