Cory Wong

Cory Wong is an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer known for his work in the funk, jazz, and R&B genres. His energetic playing style, technical proficiency, and innovative approach have made him a prominent figure in contemporary music. Wong's career includes solo work, collaborations, and contributions to various bands, most notably Vulfpeck.

Timeline of Career Highlights

2007 Begins his music career, performing with various local bands and artists.

2013 Joins the funk band Vulfpeck, significantly contributing to their unique sound.

2016 Releases his first solo album, showcasing his talents as a guitarist and composer.

2018 Gains wider recognition with the release of his solo album "The Optimist."

2019 Releases multiple albums, including collaborations with notable artists.

2020 Continues to release new music and performs virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 Releases the album "Cory and the Wongnotes," featuring a combination of studio recordings and a YouTube series.


Vulfpeck A key member of the funk band known for their minimalist approach and tight grooves.

The Fearless Flyers A side project of Vulfpeck members focused on instrumental funk music.

Cory and the Wongnotes A project blending music and a variety show format.

Albums and Discography


1. Cory Wong and the Green Screen Band (2016)

2. The Optimist (2018)

3. Motivational Music for the Syncopated Soul (2019)

4. Elevator Music for an Elevated Mood (2020)

5. Cory and the Wongnotes (2021)

With Vulfpeck

1. Fugue State (2014)

2. Thrill of the Arts (2015)

3. The Beautiful Game (2016)

4. Mr. Finish Line (2017)

5. Hill Climber (2018)

6. Live at Madison Square Garden (2019)

With The Fearless Flyers;

1. The Fearless Flyers (2018)

2. The Fearless Flyers II (2019)

Famous Songs or Compositions

"Dean Town" (with Vulfpeck)

"Cory Wong" (self-titled song with Vulfpeck)

"Assassin" (solo work)

"Cosmic Sans" (solo work)

"Lunchtime" (with The Fearless Flyers)

Collaborations and Cover Versions

Collaborated with Artists such as Dave Koz, Jon Batiste, and Emily C. Browning.

Covered by Various musicians in the funk and jazz scenes have been inspired by his work, although specific cover versions are less common due to his unique style.


I try to approach music with a sense of joy and fun. If I'm having a good time, I hope that energy translates to the audience.
Funk is about the space between the notes. It's about groove and feel, not just technical skill.

Gossip and Trivia

Distinctive Style Cory Wong is known for his clean tone and rhythmic precision, often described as having a "percussive" guitar playing style.

Innovative Projects His "Cory and the Wongnotes" project is notable for blending music with comedy and interviews, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer.

Virtual Performances During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wong adapted to virtual performances and collaborations, maintaining his connection with fans despite global restrictions.


Cory Wong's dynamic approach to guitar playing and his contributions to the modern music scene have established him as a leading figure in funk and jazz. His ability to blend technical skill with infectious energy continues to resonate with audiences around the world.

Gear: Fender Stratocaster   

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