Ibanez LGB30

I went to a music store determined to buy a really, really Bluesy Gibson, a 335 or 175. After some time in the play booth the store assistant brought this guitar for me to try and I bought it.

We all know Ibanez are a young shredders guitar so I was sceptical until I played it. It has jumbo frets and high action so not my type of guitar at all. However, as soon as I played it, I realised it had more sustain and a more bluesy tone than the Gibsons. I attribute the sustain to the frets and action and the tone to the Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups w/Coil tap option. Having a Floyd-Rose tremolo it is ideal for session work, it can be fine tuned to within 1 cent and stays in tune for days, even when you dive bomb the tremolo! I bought it, nuff said.

Check out the video too...