Publicity, Popularity, and Fame

You've heard the saying...

No publicity is bad publicity
She's Out of my Life Michael Jackson cover
She's Out of my Life Michael Jackson cover

The best way to consolidate your career in the music industry might not depend on what you might expect, your talent.

The one proven route is fame
The music industry is a popularity contest and what you do off stage will bring you as much attention as what you do onstage.

A whiff of scandal never hurt any musician.

I am not encouraging you to go at it like Tupac and Biggie, notoriety has a short shelf life, much better to attach yourself to a good cause, that is always popular (and you don’t get shot at so often).

Being famous for being famous is not a new phenomenon.

Some tried and trusted ways to get attention…

OK, that was my attempt at humour - but these and other variations have cemented musicians in the audience’s mind since the 60's.

It becomes part of your brand.

BTW trashing hotel rooms is so last week! And you must pay for the damage out of your advance earnings.

What’s the only other way to make it in the music biz? Apparently, you can sell your soul to the devil. I’m convinced that’s what Keith Richards must have done - that guy is an urban cockroach - no amount of drugs will kill him!

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