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Sunshine and Rain by Benny Sutton
Sunshine and Rain by Benny Sutton

Myspace was the 1st social networking platform dedicated to musicians. From 2005 to 2008, it was the largest social networking site in the world. It’s not anymore.

It complied with the first Music Marketing Strategy law, didn’t it? It was the first. So why is it only limping along now?

Is there something wrong with the first law? No, it can be redrawn. The law of the mind extends and reframes it.

It is better to be first in the prospects mind than first in the marketplace

Myspace was first but lost the battle for hearts and minds. In 2024 the first in the mind for music social networking platforms are the FIRGYS (Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation, Google, YouTube, and Soundcloud).

Thousands of music entrepreneurs get caught out by this law every year. They have a sound or concept that may well be better than anything previously, perhaps it could revolutionise music. The problem is getting that idea into the minds of the audience.

The conventional solution to the problem is throw money at it, engage consultants, run advertisements especially Google ads

More money is wasted in marketing than in any other human activity (outside of government).

One thing you should never try to do. You can't change a mind once it is made up.

Just look at the political polarisation in society. No one will ever admit they are wrong!


It doesn’t matter if you are not first to market, if you can create the perception that you were you’ll win.

The single most futile thing you can do in marketing is to try to change a mind.

If the law of the mind is a negative law, then the next law is a positive one.

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