Anomalie is the stage name of Nicolas Dupuis, a Canadian keyboardist, producer, and composer known for his unique blend of classical, jazz, electronic, and hip-hop influences. Anomalie's innovative sound and impressive technical skills have garnered him a dedicated following and critical acclaim within the music industry.

Timeline of Career Highlights

2013 Nicolas Dupuis adopts the stage name Anomalie and begins releasing music independently.

2014 Releases his debut EP "Metropole Part I," which gains attention for its complex compositions and innovative sound.

2017 Releases "Metropole Part II," continuing to build his reputation and expanding his fanbase.

2018 Embarks on his first international tour, performing at major festivals and venues around the world. Appears on the prestigious Spectrasonics Sessions on YouTube (see below)

2019 Collaborates with several artists and releases singles that receive significant streaming success.

2020 Releases the album "Métropole Part III," showcasing further evolution in his sound.

2021 Continues to tour and release new music, maintaining a strong presence in the electronic and jazz scenes.

Anomalie primarily performs as a solo artist but often collaborates with other musicians and bands for live performances and recordings.

Albums and Discography

1. Métropole Part I (2014)

2. Métropole Part II (2017)

3. Métropole Part III (2020)

Grammy Awards

As of the latest information, Anomalie has not yet received a Grammy Award, but his work continues to be highly regarded and he may receive nominations in the future.

Famous Songs or Compositions




"New Space"

"Velours (Reprise)"

Collaborations and Cover Versions

Collaborated with Artists such as Gramatik, Masego, and several others in the electronic and jazz music scenes.

Covers While primarily known for his original compositions, Anomalie has also created unique covers of popular songs, infusing them with his signature style.


I want my music to be a journey for the listener, blending genres and creating something that feels both familiar and entirely new.
The piano has always been my primary instrument, but I love experimenting with different sounds and technologies to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Gossip and Trivia

Innovative Techniques Anomalie is known for his use of modern technology in music production, including advanced software and hardware to create his distinctive sound. He uses Spectrasonics Omnisphere to design those great sounds.

Online He has a strong online presence, frequently sharing insights into his creative process and engaging with fans through social media and live streaming platforms.

Live Performances His live performances are highly regarded for their energy and technical proficiency, often featuring live looping and improvisation.


Anomalie's contributions to contemporary music, particularly within the electronic and jazz genres, have made him a standout artist. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical expression and his skilful blend of various influences continue to captivate audiences worldwide. In time I expect him to get the recognition he deserves.

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