Skinny White Rock Chicks

They’re X-rated, uninhibited, controversial, take no prisoners with their ‘balls out’ Rock and roll. Only, they don’t have balls, just fragrant ‘lady parts’ (they claim). If you are a rock fan tired of aging, balding has-been guys they are a breath of fresh air, albeit mixed with the aroma of weed!

Like Dixie Chicks - but on speed

They are the Skinny White Rock Chicks, and they are blowing up all across social media for all the best reasons.

Vocalist and main spokeswoman Gash explains…

We be badass bitches on heat

They’ve caught the imagination of Gen Alpha pre pubescent teenage girls like a venue on fire. Imagine you are stuck in your bedroom with only Tik Tok for a friend, you’ve had your first period and no one, but no one, is talking to you like you matter. These girls easily fit a role model for post relationship culturism.

What’s in a Name?

The girls have revived the punk era tradition of taking punk names (like Johnny Rotten/Sid Viscious) only mostly vagina based.

They call us sluts, nymphos, and lesbos so why not?
  1. Cherry Beaver: (real name Eilleen Regina Edwards) drums
  2. Wet Slitz: (real name Dana Elaine Owens) keyboards
  3. Squirter: bass guitar (real name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant)


Lead guitarist Pissflaps (real name Stefani-Germanotta) sez…

if Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day can get away with getting his dick out in Milwaukee then why can’t I flash my funbags in Florida? Soccer players take their tops off when they score, why not us? It gets hot up there on stage.

Drummer, Daisy Clunge (real name Laurie Adkins) is another controversial figure within the band. She riled up the LGBTQ community when she refused to be drawn into talking about gender politics during an interview by Rolling Stone magazine. All she would say was…

Pronouns? Pronouns can suck my dick mutha fuckah!

Teen Mom Tiffany Shaven-Haven (real name Robyn Rihanna Fenty) the band's second guitarist talks about life on the road…

The other girls are very supportive. I take my kids on tour and none of the other band members have ever complained about the smell of shit in the tour bus when I change a daiper, mind you the tour bus smells like ass already!


They have the 3 A’s in spaded attitude, attitude, attitude. Sort of the Rolling Stones but all five members the female version of Keith Richards!

It’s old school, four on the floor, guitar rock.

Debut Album ‘Bag of Dicks’ has already broken Tik Tok with almost a Billion plays on Spotify, incredible for a new girl rock band.

When asked why their fans call them the new Spice Girls they typically shock…

Yeah, that’s an in joke. We ain’t nothing like the Spice Girls, we’d eat their pussies for breakfast, that’s even though they’re all grandmas now!

Tour Dates

Latest is they’ve got the opening slot on several dates later in the year on the Taylor Swift Eras tour

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Destined for stardom or oblivion who knows? New song ‘Out to Shock’ says it all in the lyrics.

we got a call from Revlon, to create a fragrance from our songs, something pungent and alluring, we called it Ripe Pussy in the morning

Oct 18 Friday 07:00 PM

Miami, FLHard Rock Stadium

Oct 19 Saturday 07:00 PM

Miami, FLHard Rock Stadium

Oct 20 Sunday 07:00 PM

Miami, FLHard Rock Stadium

Oct 25 Friday 07:00 PM

New Orleans, LACaesars Superdome

Oct 26 Saturday 07:00 PM

New Orleans, LACaesars Superdome

Nov 01 Friday 07:00 PM

Indianapolis, INLucas Oil Stadium

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Songs: Whenever You're Ready, Good Old Fashioned Rock and Roll

Gear: Gibson Flying V LH   Gibson SG   Marshall Amplifier   Orange amplifier