Snarky Puppy

Snarky Puppy, an instrumental ensemble known for its dynamic fusion of jazz, funk, and world music, was formed in 2004 by bassist and composer Michael League. The group originated in Denton, Texas, at the University of North Texas, where many of its members were students.

2006-2010: Early Releases and Growing Reputation

The band's early years saw the release of several self-produced albums, establishing their reputation in the jazz and fusion communities.

Key Albums and Highlights

"The Only Constant" (2006) The band's debut album, showcasing their eclectic mix of jazz and funk.

"The World Is Getting Smaller" (2007) Continued to develop their distinctive sound.

"Bring Us the Bright" (2008) Marked their growing sophistication in composition and performance.

"Tell Your Friends" (2010) Gained wider recognition with a live-in-studio recording format.

2012-2015: Breakthrough and Grammy Success

The release of "groundUP" (2012) marked a turning point, with the band starting to gain international recognition.

Key Albums and Highlights

"groundUP" (2012) Featured intricate compositions and exceptional musicianship, attracting a broader audience.

"Family Dinner Volume 1" (2013) Included collaborations with vocalists like Lalah Hathaway, which brought wider acclaim.

Grammy Awards

Best R&B Performance For "Something" featuring Lalah Hathaway from "Family Dinner Volume 1" (2014).

2016-2018: Continued Success and Diverse Projects

During this period, Snarky Puppy continued to push musical boundaries, collaborating with a variety of artists and exploring different genres.

Key Albums and Highlights

"Sylva" (2015) A collaboration with the Metropole Orkest, blending orchestral elements with their signature sound; won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album.

"Culcha Vulcha" (2016) Their first purely studio album in eight years; won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album in 2017.

"Family Dinner Volume 2" (2016) Featured diverse guest artists and expanded their global appeal.

2019-Present: Ongoing Innovation and Expansion

Snarky Puppy has continued to innovate, maintaining a rigorous touring schedule and releasing new music that pushes genre boundaries.

Key Albums and Highlights

"Immigrance" (2019) Explored themes of migration and cultural integration, featuring rich, layered compositions.

"Live at the Royal Albert Hall" (2020) Captured a standout performance at the iconic venue, showcasing their live prowess.

"Empire Central" (2022) An ambitious project that highlights their growth and evolution as a band.

Discography Highlights

Studio Albums "The Only Constant" (2006), "The World Is Getting Smaller" (2007), "Bring Us the Bright" (2008), "groundUP" (2012), "We Like It Here" (2014), "Sylva" (2015), "Culcha Vulcha" (2016), "Immigrance" (2019), "Empire Central" (2022).

Live Albums "Tell Your Friends" (2010), "Family Dinner Volume 1" (2013), "Family Dinner Volume 2" (2016), "Live at the Royal Albert Hall" (2020).

Famous Songs and Compositions

"Lingus" (from "We Like It Here")

"Shofukan" (from "We Like It Here")

"What About Me?" (from "groundUP")

"Tarova" (from "Culcha Vulcha")

Collaborations and Cover Versions

Snarky Puppy has collaborated with numerous artists across various genres, enhancing their versatility and appeal.

Lalah Hathaway "Something" (Family Dinner Volume 1)

Metropole Orkest "Sylva" (2015)

Various Artists Featured on "Family Dinner" series

Legacy and Influence

Snarky Puppy has carved out a unique space in the music world with their innovative approach to jazz fusion. With multiple Grammy Awards and a reputation for electrifying live performances, they have garnered a dedicated global following. I saw them at Cheltenham Jazz Festival in 2024 and was suitably impressed.I liked that they had no problem with featuring rock riffs, something the jazz brigade would hate!

Songs: Lingus What about me, Something

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