Adele spanks Ed Sheeran!

Yes, Adele's shot straight to the top of the charts with her comeback.

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In common parlance that is number one with a bullet.

If you are a regular reader you will probably know that I am on the side of the up and coming, unknown musicians.

I'm very sceptical if not down right contemptuous of the one hit wonders who resurrect their less than stellar careers.

Young, aspiring musicians have enough competition without bands who had one hit in 1985 to contend with!

Adele is not on that list. She is not a has-been, is still under 30 - well 30 - and more importantly is still relevant so good luck to her.

She has displaced every other track on the pop charts downwards by getting 2.8 million streams In a single day in the UK and 5M in the US!

Compare that to Ed Sheeran - who usually clogs up the charts only managed a paltry 400K

Yes, Adele spanked Ed Sheeran. Did he like it? Comment below!

Abba eat your hearts out (and retire)!