What makes a great singing voice?

What makes one vocalist sound better than another, and can you improve your recorded voice?

If you have the ability to accurately pitch notes in tune, then you are a singer.

Pitch is the base technical level however, to be a great singer, you must perform, and that requires a mix of skills.

Your Vocal Instrument

The most fundamental technical quality is determined by your instrument (your voice).

The instrument is that unique combination of vocal folds, musculature, and air spaces in your body.

It is often referred to as your ‘gift’. Something you were born with. It is either intrinsically pleasing or it is not. You can't learn it. You've either got it or you ain't.

So, if the resonance and tone of your voice sounds attractive to the majority of listeners then you have a great voice.

But wait, even if you are not a Stevie Wonder or a Whitney Houston doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for you in music.

Plenty of weak voices front some popular bands. You’ve heard loads of them on the radio and online. Coldplay. Steely Dan.

So, there could be a place for you if you understand the following, all of which can be learned and improved with practice.

How to make the voice you have sound better


Will we need singers in the future, won’t ai do the job better and quicker?

Short story, Nah! The art of singing is in the phrasing.

Ai cannot form the words let alone string sentences into delivery. Ai cannot emote recognizable human feeling. It cannot express. Yet...

The usual application is making one voice sound like another. These are the current limitations of what Ai voice offers and I have no problem with that. However, you can apply some tone and resonance to your voice BUT that will not magically make your vocal performance pop. It's GIGO (garbage in garbage out). Unless Ai tones are applied to a great performance it will still sound sh*t.


It's all subjective. It depends on what you like. I hate opera so can't stand the bombast even though it's obvious the singer is highly talented.