This is my first ever guitar duet collaboration so who better to do it with than the immensely talented Dan Van Den Berg @danarchxI

I know, I was a bit skeptical of multiple guitarists too. It probably doesn't occur to guitarists to collab with other guitarists and when we do we stick into comfort zones but look at Larry Carlton when teams up with Robben Ford.

So I wanted to do something with a player who is so different it is obvious which of us is playing at any time. I'm pleased to say that I think the contrast of our styles really works. To avoid confusion, I'm the slow/bluesy one playing an Ovation electric and Dan is the fast/fusion technical one playing the Ibanez.

"Little Sunflower" was originally a jazz composition written by trumpeter Freddie Hubbard. Originally featured on his 1967 album "Backlash," it has become a widely covered jazz standard. This version arranged by Devian Zikri.

Here's a musical analysis

1. Harmonic Structure "Little Sunflower" features a modal harmonic structure, centered around a repeating chord progression that emphasizes a minor tonality. The modal framework allows for harmonic flexibility and provides a canvas for improvisation. The harmonic progression typically includes modal interchange and chromatic passing chords, adding color and interest to the composition.

2. Melodic Theme The melody of "Little Sunflower" is lyrical and expressive, featuring a memorable and singable motif that is often repeated and developed throughout the composition. The melody is typically played by the trumpet, with Hubbard's signature tone and phrasing adding depth and emotion to the performance. The melodic theme serves as a focal point for the collab between myself and Dan, providing a framework for improvisation and collective interaction.

3. Rhythmic Feel The song is characterized by its relaxed and breezy rhythmic feel, often described as a medium swing. The rhythm section, including drums, bass, and piano, establishes a laid-back groove that propels the song forward. The rhythmic feel of "Little Sunflower" is understated yet dynamic, providing a sense of flow and momentum that complements the melodic and harmonic elements of the composition.

4. Instrumentation "Little Sunflower" typically features a small jazz ensemble consisting of trumpet, saxophone, piano, bass, and drums. Each instrument contributes to the overall texture and mood of the piece, with opportunities for solo improvisation and collective interaction. Here we don't have Hubbard's trumpet playing but dig Dan Van Den Berg's playing with his melodic and expressive solos showcasing his virtuosity and creativity.

5. Dynamic Contrast The song features dynamic shifts in intensity and texture, with moments of quiet introspection giving way to explosive climaxes. These dynamic contrasts add to the drama and excitement of the piece, creating a sense of tension and release that I hope engages the listener. All the other piano parts I play.

6. Emotional Depth "Little Sunflower" is known for its emotional depth and introspective quality. The composition conveys a sense of warmth and serenity, evoking images of sun-drenched landscapes and gentle breezes. The emotional resonance of the song is enhanced by its lush harmonic textures, expressive melodies, and subtle rhythmic nuances, making it a timeless classic in the jazz repertoire.

"Little Sunflower" is a masterful composition that exemplifies Freddie Hubbard's talent as a composer and musician. Its modal harmonic structure, expressive melody, and relaxed rhythmic feel have made it a beloved and enduring piece of jazz music that continues to inspire musicians and audiences alike.