Kool and the Gang were another band from the disco era that have stood the test of time. They transcended the disco genre and their material still sounds fresh today. They had great musicianship and great songs, a killer combination over a dance beat. Their horns were second only to Earth Wind and Fire's horn section.

Celebration by Kool and the gang is a cover track originally written by Kool and the gang.

This cover track was first made available on this website in 2016 though recording precedes that. Non-Mechanical Copyright remains with the original author and can be fully ascertained from registrations with the appropriate representatives.

Celebration by Kool and the gang is a jazz and funk track.

Benny Sutton plays all instruments on Celebration by Kool and the gang especially with emphasis to guitar and keyboards (unless otherwise noted). All other instruments are virtual (VST) and either played directly as MIDI from a MIDI keyboard or sequenced directly into a MIDI editor.

Benny also does all arrangements, produces, and engineers all recordings in his home studio using Cubase as his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

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