Love Songs

Love Songs is a collection of highly chilled songs about relationships, breakups, cheating, romance, and feelings. Ladies, I hope you enjoy these emotive power ballads about life and love! :-)

  1. I hope you find (what you're looking for)    I hope you find (what you're... by
  2. Where were you?    Where were you? by
  3. Starry, starry night    Starry, starry night by
  4. My Funky Valentine    My Funky Valentine by
  5. Sunshine and Rain    Sunshine and Rain by
  6. My Secret Heart    My Secret Heart by
  7. Some Girls    Some Girls by
  8. Shine So Bright    Shine So Bright by
  9. Afterglow    Afterglow by
  10. Japanese Girl    Japanese Girl by
  11. Truck Stop Girl    Truck Stop Girl by
  12. Fit So Tight (2021 remix)    Fit So Tight (2021 remix) by
  13. Crazy Lovin'    Crazy Lovin' by
  14. Take me to your Ocean    Take me to your Ocean by
  15. Speak    Speak by