Gibson ES-335

Larry Carlton AKA Mr 335 bought his Gibson ES-335 off the shelf from an LA guitar store in the 60's as he explained, ' I was looking for an instrument that was versatile so I could do session work across many genres, this was it'. I don't think you can say fairer than that when so many other famous guitarists, too numerous to mention, agree.

All in all, the Gibson ES-335 is an iconic semi-hollow body electric guitar renowned for its blend of warmth and sustain. Its semi-hollow design reduces feedback while providing the rich tones of a hollow body and the sustain of a solid body guitar. With dual humbucking pickups and a timeless aesthetic, the ES-335 has been a favorite among blues, rock, and jazz guitarists for decades.

Options The ES-335 is available in various configurations, including signature models like the BB King and Chuck Berry editions, offering different finishes, hardware, and electronics.

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