Ah Joni…

The best songwriter of the 20th century, albeit the most underrated.

I'd heard a few Jomi songs of course. From her Laurel Canyon era, when she was acoustic.

I didn't realise how good she was - I only discovered Joni at the time of Court and Spark. Great songs, slick production, and top musicians. I only knew her as a bit of a Folky type artiste before that. Big mistake to underestimate her like that!

With the consumate ease of the great singer songwriter talents Joni has reinvented herself and her music in every decade since. As she herself says ‘I won my Grammy in the 90’s so why does everyone think I’m a 60’s artist?’

Indeed, apart from a few tracks, every album she has made is great!

Joni is a poet, tremendously talented but most of all heartfelt. I never got into Dylan.

OK, so some would say you have to be Gay or a chick to be into Joni. Balls. If she puts me in touch with my female side so be it. I always said it was a travesty that women don’t rule the World. It would be a better place. I say Joni for Prez!

Kris Kristopherson, on hearing Blue, said

jeez Joni, can't you leave some for yourself!
No other artist has exposed their soul this way, and it's an amazing soul to behold.

I have all her Cd’s. Essential Joni is Blue (California, I’m coming home..), Court and Spark, Dog Eat Dog, Taming the Tiger. Actually they’re all great!