Harvey Mason

Harvey William Mason (born February 22, 1947) is an American jazz drummer, producer, and member of the band Fourplay. Known for his versatility and technical prowess, Mason has played with a multitude of prominent artists across various genres, establishing himself as one of the most sought-after session drummers in the music industry.

Timeline of Career Highlights

1970s Begins his career as a session drummer in Los Angeles.

1975 Releases his debut solo album, "Marching in the Street."

1986 Forms the contemporary jazz group Fourplay.

1990s Becomes a prominent figure in the smooth jazz genre through his work with Fourplay.

2004 Releases the solo album "With All My Heart."

2014 Releases the album "Chameleon," revisiting his earlier jazz-fusion roots.

2020 Continues to perform and record with various artists and as part of Fourplay.

Bands Harvey Has Played With

Herbie Hancock - Played on the groundbreaking album "Headhunters."

George Benson - Contributed to several albums including "Breezin'."

Fourplay - Founding member and drummer of the contemporary jazz supergroup that included Larry Carlton

Seawind - Played drums and contributed to the band's distinct jazz-fusion sound.

Solo Albums

1. Marching in the Street (1975)

2. Earthmover (1976)

3. Funk in a Mason Jar (1977)

4. Groovin' You (1979)

5. M.V.P. (1981)

6. With All My Heart (2004)

7. Chameleon (2014)

With Fourplay

1. Fourplay (1991)

2. Between the Sheets (1993)

3. Elixir (1995)

4. The Best of Fourplay (1997)

5. Yes, Please! (2000)

6. Journey (2004)

7. Let's Touch the Sky (2010)

8. Esprit De Four (2012)


Drums Yamaha Drums

Cymbals Zildjian

Heads Remo

Sticks Vic Firth Harvey Mason Signature

Hardware Yamaha


Harvey Mason is renowned for his fluid, dynamic drumming style that seamlessly blends jazz, funk, and R&B. His ability to adapt to various musical contexts while maintaining a distinct groove has made him a favorite among artists and producers. Mason's drumming is characterized by its precision, creativity, and the ability to drive the rhythm section with subtle yet powerful accents.

Solo Albums

1. Marching in the Street (1975)

2. Earthmover (1976)

3. Funk in a Mason Jar (1977)

4. Groovin' You (1979)

5. M.V.P. (1981)

6. With All My Heart (2004)

7. Chameleon (2014)

Notable Sessions

1. Herbie Hancock – Headhunters (1973)

2. George Benson – Breezin' (1976)

3. Seawind – Seawind (1976)

4. Fourplay – Fourplay (1991)

Grammy Awards

1992 Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance with Fourplay for "Fourplay."

Multiple nominations As a member of Fourplay and for his work on various projects.

Collaborations and Cover Versions

Collaborated with Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Seawind, Fourplay, Quincy Jones, Al Jarreau, and many others.

Covered by Numerous jazz and R&B artists have covered his work, especially tracks like "Chameleon."


music is a language that transcends boundaries, and my drums are my voice.

Herbie Hancock

Harvey's drumming is the heartbeat of many of my most important recordings.

Gossip and Trivia

Early Influences Mason was influenced by the jazz greats of the 1960s, which shaped his versatile approach to drumming.

Education Attended Berklee College of Music, honing his skills before launching his professional career.

Industry Respect Known for his professionalism and ability to elevate any musical project he is involved with.

Harvey Mason’s Legacy

Harvey Mason's extensive career and contributions to jazz, funk, and R&B have made him a legendary figure in the drumming community. His innovative approach and consistent excellence continue to inspire musicians and audiences worldwide.

Harvey Mason Albums

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