Good for you, Neil Young!

Spotify removes the music of veteran songwriter Neil Young after the singer issued an ultimatum to the company.

Young was furious at what he described as “misinformation” spread on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast about the Covid-19 pandemic. Rogan’s show has previously aired claims by a different guest that hospitals are financially incentivized to falsely diagnose deaths as having been caused by Covid-19 and that world leaders had hypnotized the public into supporting vaccines.

“They can have Rogan or Young. Not both,” Young wrote in a letter to his management.

February update Joni took her music off too - they are both veterans of the protest movement, you'd almost expect it!

What really swung it was James Blunt threatening to add a new record if Spotify didn't give in!

Rogan gave a half-hearted apology and all has gone quiet.

Let's keep our eyes open for developments...