This is the first original track that I have posted for a year. I'm back in Jazz Funk territory again with a tribute to Herbie Hancock's Headhunters. For those of you tuned in to obscure musical references it has a bass line reminiscent of the track 'Chameleon' and some ethnic sounds like on the track 'Watermelon man' and no doubt more besides!

Head Hunters by Benny Sutton is a an original composition by Benny Sutton.

The track was first written and made available 2015 though copyright precedes that, as can be fully ascertained from registration with The Performing Rights Society in the United Kingdom.

Head Hunters by Benny Sutton is a Jazz and funk and fusion track.

Benny Sutton plays all instruments on Head Hunters by Benny Sutton especially with emphasis to guitar and keyboards (unless otherwise noted). All other instruments are virtual (VST) and either played directly as MIDI from a MIDI keyboard or sequenced directly into a MIDI editor.

Benny also does all arrangements, produces, and engineers all recordings in his home studio using Cubase as his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

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