Blue Notes (album)

Blue Notes (album)
November 2015

This album 'Blue Notes' celebrates the pioneering Jazz record label, Blue Note Records. Not all the tracks made it onto the Blue Note catalogue yet none would exist without the space Blue Note created for Jazz to evolve. Even if the track was on another album the original artists depped for Blue Note sessions at one time or another. Such was its influence in the jazz sphere. I have tried to respect the originals but update them to be relevant 50 years after first release. Jazz must move on or die so I have done some crazy things like adding modern hip hop beats, jumping genres across blues, rock, funk and acid jazz. I've used electric instruments and effects not available to the original artists. Some purists might call it sacrilege but to them I say the phrase Miles coined - So What!
  1. Mo Better Blues    
  2. Little Sunflower    
  3. This Masquerade    
  4. Take Five    
  5. EG blues    
  6. Autumn Leaves    
  7. Blue Bossa    
  8. Footprints    
  9. Waltz for Debby    
  10. Giant Steps    
  11. Bulan di Asia    
  12. Take The A Train    
  13. Moanin'    
  14. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It...    
  15. Blue Train    
  16. Yardbird Suite    
  17. My Funny Valentine    
  18. A Night In Tunisia    
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