Is Blue by Joni Mitchell her most intimate song?

Is Blue by Joni Mitchell her most intimate song?
December 2023

It has been more than 50 years since the album Blue was released. It was a seminal work. A true masterpiece
On the title track, Blue, Joni bared her soul. It shocked some people. Artists were just not that intimate with their audience.
Kris Kristofferson urged Joni...
'Please, Joni, leave something for yourself.

Joni herself said of Blue in 2013
'I was being told that people were horrified by the intimacy of it. People said it was shocking. It wasn't. It was about human nature. It's all I had to work with. It's a soul trying to find itself and seeing its failings and having regrets. What's so horrible about that?

Joni Mitchell is such an authentic artiste, with unquestionable integrity and honesty. She shares her inner thoughts with us with no filter.
Listening to Joni Mitchell is like having your best friend confide their deepest feelings to you.
But then, that's why we Joni fans love her!
Which Joni song do you think is her most intimate?
Listen to this new cover version of Blue, and comment below if you agree, or suggest another Joni track.