What if... Miles and Jimi run the voodoo down on a groove similar to Jimi's classic Voodoo Child in the 1980's? Miles did a track called "Miles runs the Voodoo down" on Bitches Brew (1970). It was limited by recording keyboard technology. I conceive a groove that morphs into an authentic late 1970's Jazz/Rock/Funk/Fusion piece using technology Miles and Jimi never had!

I play or sequence all instruments except bass (where I am nobly assisted by Steve Shone). Steve's brief was to throw in some Marcus Miller and Jaco Pastorius in, which he did with his usual expertise.

Jimi Meets Miles #4 Voodoo Chile is a cover track originally written by Jimi Hendrix.

This cover track was first made available on this website in 2016 though recording precedes that. Non-Mechanical Copyright remains with the original author and can be fully ascertained from registrations with the appropriate representatives.

Jimi Meets Miles #4 Voodoo Chile is a Jimi and Meets and Miles and jazz and rock track.

Benny Sutton plays all instruments on Jimi Meets Miles #4 Voodoo Chile especially with emphasis to guitar and keyboards (unless otherwise noted). All other instruments are virtual (VST) and either played directly as MIDI from a MIDI keyboard or sequenced directly into a MIDI editor.

Benny also does all arrangements, produces, and engineers all recordings in his home studio using Cubase as his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

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