A Case of You is arguably one of the greatest breakup songs ever download

It has been more than 50 years since the album Blue was released. It was a seminal work. A true masterpiece download

An original song written, produced and arranged by Benny Sutton download

Music for driving along the pacific coast in California! Knowing me you might think the title has something to do with Miles. Not at all. More like... download

One to get you in the festive mood. Inspired by a Joni Mitchell track that has a lot of sax download

Another classic from Herbie Hancock's Blue Note years. It's the title track off his fifth album and was recorded on May 17, 1965. It was arguably a... download

This is my most traditionally jazzy track ever with a piano quartet. It is dedicated to the queen of laid back jazz ballads, Norah Jones. download

My version of the the iconic Miles track. I think it has most beautiful melody line ever, written by Joe Zawinul. Complete with ¦Miles Davis¦' actu... download