the classic Dylan track Hendrix made his own. Benny Sutton puts his own stamp on it. Do you recognise the bassline it starts with? It's almost Mich... download

The title track from ¦Donald Fagen¦'s 1982 solo album. download

the third single from his sixteenth studio album, Innervisions (1973). It reached number 16 on the Billboard Pop Singles download

Musical Analysis of "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder download

Smooth melodic jazz blues guitar instrumental 80 bpm download

Cool Jazz fusion instrumental in the style of Herbie Hancock, Jacob Collier, Vulf with some Larry Carlton thrown in! download

16 bar blues guitar groove jam in G Major in the style of Larry Carlton download

Jazz died in the 60's. It deserved to. Everything that could be said by an acoustic quartet had been said. more

A collection of backing tracks that you can jam over download

A Nu Fusion instrumental that has a bite. Rally to this one! download

Hear's a Nu fusion instrumental track you will dig! download

George Duke really had the groove down like no one else and the track Smiley Face took his 'it's on' from his After Hours album as a starting point. download

This track has nothing to do with the Miles Davis track of the same name. There's a scorcher of a guitar solo on Naima (if I say so myself). download

Music for driving along the pacific coast in California! Knowing me you might think the title has something to do with Miles. Not at all. More like... download

I wrote a nice gospel like theme for this one. Indeed it progresses into a real 'jump up church' groove complete with handclaps. download

My cover of the rocker of the White album. Always great. download