MJ had so many great power ballads and this is one of them. It was recorded by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, written by Jackson and produced ... download

Where were you when you first heard Stevie play this track? That's why Stevie, and this track in particular means so much to me. download

MJ did such a great job of this track. Remember how his voice breaks down at the end? To do this justice you need that same emotional investment. I... download

I was enticed to this track because it has such a haunting melody and general vibe. It has always reminded me of "I'm only Human" by the Human Leag... download

This is a very accomplished piece of song writing by Michael Jackson, reminding us that he didn't just cherry pick material from others, he really ... download

OK, I'll stick my hands up! I went a bit OTT with the guitar on this one! Watch out Eddie Van Halen, the jazz guy's got overdrive too! download

This is from One on One a smooth jazz, crossover jazz studio album by Bob James and Earl Klugh. This album earned the two artists the Grammy award ... download

I have to admit to not being a Pat Metheny fan. Not that I don't rate him, I just don't know much about him. When I heard this track I just knew I ... download

This track is by Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny is a Latin/smooth jazz piece. The horn section is the major feature here. It’s a crowd favorite th... download

The unmistakeable Mark Dorricott takes it to the next level with a superb piano solo (half way through). This is the vocal version of this featurin... download

Here's my smooth jazz guitar version of Human Nature off the Thriller album by Michael Jackson. Miles Davis also did a version so I dropped some mu... download

Off the Michael Jackson album 'Off The Wall'. When that album first came out (on vinyl) it was glued to my turntable! Musical and Lyrical Analysis... download

Who's Bad? Me? The classic track off the Thriller album done smooth jazz style. download

Original track featuring Benny Sutton (guitars) and Michael Herndon (drums). You can guess from the name I was in Steely Dan mode when I created this! download

This is a collaboration with two very talented, original, and distinctive artistes - Vocalatti on vocals and Mark Dorricott on keyboards. It got 13... download

Here's my smooth jazz guitar version of the Stevie Wonder classic off the Fullfillingness album. It was ¦Stevie Wonder¦'s golden era. download

A collection of smooth jazz tracks. I was getting more confident on keys by the time I recorded this, which is why I feature more keys! download

A collection of smooth jazz tracks from 2014, all instrumental with me playing all instruments, as per usual! download

Schooldays - the best days of your life! This has nothing to do with the ¦Stanley Clarke¦ track of the same name. download

A homage to the Miles Davis track 'In a silent way'. I wrote this one feeling very chilled, the original was written by ¦Joe Zawinul¦ download

This one gets very 'heavy' not very 'umble! Sounds a bit dated but still chugs nicely download

One for the age of austerirty! Although written in 2011 I suppose it is a relevant as ever now? download

Nicely R&B with the longest solo on any of my tracks. Later re-recorded with Vocalatti (2014) download