One Man Band

This 2016 release sees a return to writing my own compositions. The tracks were written to be played live; they are all simple for band members to learn and are all danceable. The album could also have been called Back To Boogie because they are in the vein of early Crusader type grooves.

The instrumentation is for a small 5 piece of keys, bass, drums, guitar, and horn/s. I play all instruments, arrange, produce the track. For this album I discovered Groove Agent 4, a piece of software designed to emulate drums and giving a lot of control. I'm sure you'll agree it sounds like a real drummer with plenty of spontaneous sounding fills.

  1. Funk in da House by Benny Sutton    Funk in da House by Benny Sutton by
  2. Out Of Sight - jazz groove    Out Of Sight - jazz groove by
  3. Blue Samba - latin jazz track    Blue Samba - latin jazz track by
  4. Bossa Nuevo - latin jazz funk     Bossa Nuevo - latin jazz funk by
  5. Cold Duck Time Eddie Harris cover    Cold Duck Time Eddie Harris cover by
  6. Eddie's Groove for Eddie Harris    Eddie's Groove for Eddie Harris by
  7. Goin' Home by Benny Sutton    Goin' Home by Benny Sutton by
  8. Never Here - inspired by Ronnie Laws Always There    Never Here - inspired by Ronnie ... by
  9. Price Tag - Jessie J cover    Price Tag - Jessie J cover by
  10. I.G.F. Steely Dan cover    I.G.F. Steely Dan cover by
  11. Tangiers - fusion track by Benny Sutton    Tangiers - fusion track by Benny... by

Out Of Sight

Here's one that boogies along nicely with the Horns taking the lead and featuring guitar and piano solos.  

Blue Samba

It seems everyone's gone Brazilian! Here we have a Latin beat with 12 bar blues structure.   Guitar takes the lead with organ and guitar solos.

Bossa Nuevo

Another one with a Latin beat this time a bit heavier than Blue Samba. The guitar tone is a bit more raunchy. With all the sequencing of trumpets I've done recently I gave this one a (virtual) trumpet solo  

Cold Duck Time

By Eddie Harris this Jazz Standard is a real foot tapper.  Organ, synth and guitar solos.

Eddie's Groove

This original composition was inspired by Eddie Harris' 'Compared To What' jazz standard. The drum track might seem familiar, it's straight off of my version of Birdland.

Goin' Home

An original composition that boogies along.  This has loads of strings and horns you my recognise are inspired by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Never Here

Inspired by the chord progression of Ronnie Laws' track 'Always There' - hence the title!