A collection of MP3's from UK guitarist Ben Sutton featuring lead guitar oriented rock, funk and blues influences (released Dec 2014). Loadsa lead guitar chops here folks!

About the tracks...

  1. F-Bomb    F-Bomb by
  2. Third stone from the sun    Third stone from the sun by
  3. Who'da Thunk It!    Who'da Thunk It! by
  4. Keep on, Keepin' on    Keep on, Keepin' on by
  5. Relentless (track)    Relentless (track) by
  6. Shaky Ground    Shaky Ground by
  7. Mwah!    Mwah! by

These tracks represent a temporary sideways distraction from my usual musical direction into more guitar based and weird rock territory.

Like most of my music on this website I write all the material, play all the instruments, and produce/arrange.
* This album features Alan Corne on drums.