Thrills 'n' Chills

A collection of MP3's from UK guitarist Ben Sutton featuring a mixture of smooth jazz, funk and blues influences (released Dec 2014)

Ben Says...

"This album is a project of two halves. It comprises two very different types of tracks. Some are straight ahead and funky, the other half are laid back. Which do you prefer?"

About the tracks...

  1. No Hangups! by Benny Sutton    No Hangups! by Benny Sutton by
  2. Stupid Toothpaste by Benny Sutton    Stupid Toothpaste by Benny Sutton by
  3. Jazz@Funk by Benny Sutton    Jazz@Funk by Benny Sutton by
  4. Brasilia by Benny Sutton    Brasilia by Benny Sutton by
  5. Smile! by Benny Sutton    Smile! by Benny Sutton by
  6. Breakfast with Tiffany by Benny Sutton    Breakfast with Tiffany by Benny ... by
  7. Dresden by Benny Sutton    Dresden by Benny Sutton by
  8. Earthwinds by Benny Sutton    Earthwinds by Benny Sutton by
  9. Nightshadows by Benny Sutton    Nightshadows by Benny Sutton by
  10. Norah by Benny Sutton    Norah by Benny Sutton by
  11. Pussy Riot by Benny Sutton    Pussy Riot by Benny Sutton by
  12. Zanzibar by Benny Sutton    Zanzibar by Benny Sutton by
  13. Christmas Song by Benny Sutton    Christmas Song by Benny Sutton by
  14. Work It! by Benny Sutton    Work It! by Benny Sutton by
  15. No Hangups by Benny Sutton    No Hangups by Benny Sutton by

Many of these tracks feature Alan 'Quorn' Corne on drums. I'd also just got a new Yamaha MOX6 synth - which opened up my keyboard playing somewhat and gets featured extensively.

Like most of my music on this website I write all the material, play all the instruments, and produce/arrange.