The 3 secrets of my most successful YouTube Video

Want to know what I learnt from my #1 YouTube video?


How did I succeed with a music video on YouTube? 75K views, 3.2K watch time, 507 new subscribers.


There are many myths about how to get a popular music video. see the top 4 youtube creator myths


YouTube Analytics are your greatest friend

Understanding YouTube Analytics for Musicians is actually quite simple but you do meed to know what you're looking at.

It will explain vital metrics; reach, engagement and audience.

Look at this

    What can you see?

  1. Steady growth over lifetime.
  2. A sudden dramatic upswing (after a period of inactivity - reason - I posted a new video and it suddenly remembered me)
  3. Average percentage viewed only 23.6% but at 11 minutes that is amazing
  4. Average view duration is 2:37 - for MUSIC - that's amazing!
  5. My top remixed (used by others in their videos)


What it does have is Engagement…


What worries me is the demographic; 100% male 51% over 65! I'm not going to ride this wave for long!


Another lesson to be learned

This is not the first release of this track. I had another version which did even better, 150K views. However, it was me jamming over the original Miles Davis track. Sony took it down and YouTube gave me a copyright strike (banned me from posting for 6 months - bit harsh!)

The lesson. Good content is good content, and can rise to the top.

This version I played all the instruments, including the trumpet (though on a keyboard as a virtual instrument) so no copyright issues.


Is this the track I would like to be remembered for?

NO! I write great original songs. That's what I'd like people to hear.

But, your song chooses you, you don't choose your song.

Mike Myers says of Austin Powers…

If I get typecast as Austin Powers and only get to make Austin Powers movies ever again then… that's not a bad place!



I have a theory why musicians will fail on YouTube. If you haven't read it already take a look and then come back because I can tell you what worked for me.

The short story is, if you want to succeed, don't make MTV videos make Talking Head videos.

Try this. Introduce your video as a talking head, talk about the track, give an interesting backstory. That works for American Idol winners!

If it works let me know, I'll even do some promo for you on this blog!