String Theory

I call this collection of tracks 'String Theory'. At the time of recording I had only just started playing keyboards so the album is predominantly guitar centric.
As per usual with the guitar I was aiming for an expressive lead guitar over a smooth, funky rhythm guitar.
I hope you like listenening to these tracks as much as I did recording them.

  1. Hey Baby by Benny Sutton    Hey Baby by Benny Sutton by
  2. Prelude by Benny Sutton    Prelude by Benny Sutton by
  3. A Warm Summer’s Night with Friends by Benny Sutton    A Warm Summer’s Night with Frien... by
  4. Always by Benny Sutton    Always by Benny Sutton by
  5. Getaway by Benny Sutton    Getaway by Benny Sutton by
  6. Nevermind by Benny Sutton    Nevermind by Benny Sutton by
  7. I see the light by Benny Sutton    I see the light by Benny Sutton by
  8. Headhunting by Benny Sutton    Headhunting by Benny Sutton by
  9. Only You by Benny Sutton    Only You by Benny Sutton by
  10. Hard Times by Benny Sutton    Hard Times by Benny Sutton by
  11. Slip Sliding Along by Benny Sutton    Slip Sliding Along by Benny Sutton by
  12. Message In a Bottle by Benny Sutton    Message In a Bottle by Benny Sutton by

Like most of my music on this website I write all the material, play all the instruments, and produce/arrange. I recorded this album in my garage studio using an M-Audio Firewire interface and Cubase 5 on PC.