Benny Sutton plays... Steely Dan

Benny Sutton plays... Steely Dan
May 2015
This album features my Steely Dan re-works including Black Friday, Deacon Blues, Josie and Peg
  1. Deacon Blues    
  2. Peg    
  3. Black Friday    
  4. Josie    
  5. My Old School    
  6. Bad Sneakers    
  7. Black Cow    
  8. Chain Lightning    
  9. Doctor Wu    
  10. Green Earrings    
  11. Haitian divorce    
  12. Home at Last    
  13. I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)    
  14. Ruby Baby    
  15. The Fez    
  16. Kid Charlemagne    
  17. Don't Take Me Alive    
  18. Everyone's Gone to the Movies    
  19. Walk Between The Raindrops    
  20. FM (no static at all)    
  21. Aja    
  22. Reelin' In The Years    
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